2023 Hyundai Ioniq N Rendered, 2022 Ford Escape, And Your Favorite OEM Wheels: Your Morning Brief

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Charging An Electric Vehicle Need To Be As Convenient As Gas In Order To Work

According to a report from NPR, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to electrifying America’s transport sector. President Biden’s plan to add 500,000 chargers to US EV infrastructure may seem like recharge points will begin to catch up to gas stations, but the number of EV chargers will need to vastly surpass that of gas stations due to the time it takes for EVs to recharge.

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: Everything We Know About The Hot Sci-Fi Electric Hatch Coming This Year

Performance variants of electric cars are fast becoming fashionable for automakers, with Hyundai poised to capitalize on the hype of the Ioniq 5 with an N performance version. Our independent illustrations by CarScoops’ artist Josh Byrnes show what to expect, with a bolder frontal graphic, red-accented front splitter, side skirts, wider wheel arch moldings, and a large rear spoiler. It also sits noticeably lower, with the larger wheels pumped outwards for a wider stance. While figures are yet to be confirmed, the Ioniq 5 N will be powered by a 77.4 kWh battery pack, which should produce 577 hp (430 kW) and 546 lb-ft (740 Nm) of torque.

We’re Running A Ford Kuga / Escape PHEV, What Do You Want To Know?

The Ford Kuga is the most popular crossover in its class in Europe and has its fair share of fans in North America, where it’s sold as the Escape. The PHEV version is also the best-selling plug-in vehicle in Europe too, which makes it the ideal model for us to run on our extended test. Tell us what you want to know, and we’ll use the next few months of running to find out your burning questions!

Jeep Grand Wagoneer’s Hurricane Turbo Six Beats V8 In Both Economy And Power

While it probably comes as no surprise that Jeep’s smaller engine on the Wagoneer does better gas mileage, it also manages to beat the V8 in power figures too. The 3.0-liter Hurricane turbocharged straight-six fitted to a limited number of 2022 Grand Wagoneers produces 510 hp (517 PS) and 500 lb-ft (678 Nm) of torque. The Hurricane-engined Grand Wagoneer can also return 20 mpg on the highway, as well as 14 in the city and 17 combined. The 6.4-liter V8 engine was EPA rated at 18 miles per gallon highway, 13 miles per gallon city, and 15 miles per gallon combined, and even has less power. So why wouldn’t you go for the six-cylinder?

Here’s What You Wanted To Know About The Fiat 500 RED EV

We recently spent some time with the Fiat 500 RED EV, and, as we like to do when we get our hands on a new car, we opened the floor to our readers and their questions. And we’ve done our best to answer them too, including what the 500 EV’s real electric range is, whether the remaining range of the trip computer is accurate, and how much interior space the Italian EV has.

Show Us Your Favorite Stock Wheel Designs Of All Time

While many enthusiasts are eager to throw on a new set of stylish rims onto a project, sometimes rocking stock can be just as cool. Examples that spring to mind include the BMW M1 as pictured, Porsche’s Fuchs wheels and the Alfa Romeo Teledials. Let us know your favorites in the comments.

What Else Is Making The News

Max Verstappen Wins Inaugural Miami GP


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Max Verstappen has won the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, leading home the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. A highlight of the weekend was the post-race ceremony, which included the winner being given a police escort to the podium, the top three wearing NFL helmets, and confetti being sprayed.

Bitcoin Values Drop By 50 Percent Since November 

Bitcoin values have fallen by nearly half since they peaked in November last year. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market value, while the second-biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, dropped by more than 10 percent last week, reports the BBC.

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