58% of Malaysian road users confident roads are safe

A study shows a little less than 60% of Malaysian road users feel safe while on the road. According to a study conducted by UCSI University Research Centre and involving 937 respondents, 58% of respondents felt safe on the road with 42% responding in the negative.

From the number of respondents saying they felt safe, 61.1% said they felt road users follow the law and road regulations. This was reported by website Malaysia Now, with details saying 53.7% participants in the survey confident in their driving skills with a further 47.3% felt they were physically healthy to drive.

Delving down into the results, 43.1% were sure other road users were “good drivers” while 47.3% said Malaysian road users were generally “ethical” whilst driving. Of the 42% who felt unsafe on the road, 67.4% had no confidence in the skills of other road users in their ability to follow road rules and traffic regulations while 49.5% said they were less confident other drivers were skilful.

Of the survey sample size, 47.9% said there were too many vehicles on the road while 45.4% said enforcement has no effect on controlling road users. Meanwhile, 44.9% said road conditions in Malaysia were deplorable.

Of the 57% of respondents who said Malaysia has improved in controlling the rate of accidents, 70.9% were of the opinion the country has an effective system that only allows mature and responsible drivers as well as the necessary skills on the road. A further 57.7% agreed current rules and regulations regarding vehicle safety, with a further 47.3% who said traffic enforcement was timely against offenders.

46.6% complained of inadequate road signage leading to confusion whilst driving, with 52.8% saying Malaysian road users had “bad road manners” and 49.5% saying enforcement was lacking. Rounding out the survey, 49.4% of respondents said the majority of roads in Malaysia are in bad shape.

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