AAA Reportedly Experiencing Up To 60% Increase In Drivers Running Out Of Gas

Another day, another record high for gas prices as AAA now reports the national average price has climbed to $5.016 per gallon.

While that’s only a slight increase from Monday, when the average topped $5 per gallon for the first time ever, it appears the high prices are having an unusual impact on drivers.

In particular, the number of drivers running out of fuel and calling AAA for assistance has reportedly skyrocketed 60% in the past 6-12 months in Michigan. The exact reason for the spike remains unclear, but there is speculation that some drivers are sticking to old habits such as simply putting $20 in the tank.

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While $20 would have gotten you about 6.5 gallons of fuel this time last year, that same amount only gets you 4 gallons today. As a result, drivers can’t travel as far and it appears a number of them are running out of fuel on their journeys.

It’s also possible that drivers are waiting until the last second to fill up, in the hopes that prices will fall. That’s a risky proposition and gas prices have been on an upward trajectory for most of the year.

Unfortunately, this could be having fatal results as WXYZ talked to Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer who noted a motorcyclist recently ran out of gas and was killed in a crash while pushing their bike. While it remains unclear why the motorcycle ran out of gas, Dwyer told the station “your life is more important than running out of gas and being killed.”

The problem isn’t just limited to Michigan as AAA Northeast spokesperson Mark Schieldrop told Western Mass News, “There have been reports of people running out of fuel because they’re cutting it a little close.”  He also told the publication, that they’re seeing a “25 percent increase in those calls.”  Meanwhile, in Virginia, that number is up 10% from 2019.

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