BMW Tests New M2 At The Salzburgring, Says It Will Have Similar Performance To The Current M2 CS

It’ll still be a few months until we see the full unveiling of the all-new BMW M2 but that hasn’t stopped the company from teasing us with new information about it. Today we’re getting new photos and details of the hot sports coupe as it laps the Salzburgring in Austria and from everything we’re seeing, it’s going to be one pure driving machine.

We won’t know the nitty-gritty details until October of this year as the M2 goes on sale next spring. Despite that, we can rest assured that the guts of this car sound like a recipe for utter success. While it’s a bit larger in every dimension than the old car, BMW says that “The new production car boasts a similar performance level to the BMW M2 CS.”

We’ve seen quite a bit of the M2 before, even catching what seems like a clear glimpse of the rear totally uncovered. It’s been reported that the car will make somewhere between 430 hp (436 PS/321 kW) and 490 hp (497 PS/365 kW) depending on trim, while BMW has confirmed that it will be available with either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed M Steptronic automatic transmission.

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Salzburgring is notable for its high-speed turns and technical final sector. A long straightaway on the homestretch highlights top-end speed. BMW has also revealed that the new M2 is equipped with the “powerful brake system (that) comes from the M3 and M4.”

That’s an excellent mix for a sports coupe that will need to improve on the already very good M2 formula. Again, we now know that this car will be a little bigger and slightly heavier than the outgoing M2 but it wouldn’t shock us if it continues to be the best driver’s M car moving forward.

In the new images provided by BMW, we can see a number of important details on this car like an expansive infotainment/driver information display and the updated sports seats. It even has an interesting little car displayed in the infotainment system that, unless we’re mistaken, is a rendition of the legendary M1.

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