British Columbia Increases EV Rebates To Up To CA$4,000

Authorities in the Canadian province of British Columbia are increasing EV incentives for battery-electric, fuel-cell electric, and long-range plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation will increase the rebate from CA$3,000 ($2,334) to CA$4,000 ($3,112). Not everyone will be eligible for the maximum, however, as it is only available for individuals earning less than CA$80,000 ($62,240) or those with a household income of less than CA$125,000 ($~97,000). The available rebate decreases on a sliding scale up to those with a personal income of CA$100,000 ($77,800) and households with a combined income of CA$165,000 ($128,370).

British Columbia will also increase the maximum available rebate for lower-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles from CA$1,500 ($1,167) to CA$2,000 ($1,556).

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Speaking with Auto News, the president of the New Car Dealers Association of B.C., Blair Qualey, said the revised rebates will help lower-income individuals get behind the wheel of an EV.

“British Columbia has reached a leadership position in zero-emission vehicle sales within North America because of the thoughtful approach by government and partner agencies, which has included rebates that make ownership as affordable as possible,” Qualey said. “The latest changes go a step further and ensure those at the lower end of the income spectrum have a greater ability to purchase a clean-energy vehicle – and that is good news for the sector, for government and, most importantly, for the environment.”

The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation has stated that local income tax returns reveal more than 90 per cent of residents in British Columbia are eligible for an EV rebate. They can save as much as CA$9,000 ($7,002) on the purchase of an EV when local rebates are combined with federal ones.

Only compact and full-sized cars priced at less than CA$55,000 ($42,790) are eligible for the rebate. However, authorities are working on a new rebate that will be available for vehicles that cost up to $70,000 ($54,460), benefiting those consumers who need a larger EV. Additionally, British Columbia will make EVs more affordable by making them exempt from provincial sales tax.

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