EVx 2022 – paultan.org Electric Vehicle Expo Malaysia happening this July 23-24 in Setia City, come drop by!

If you are at all interested in electric vehicles, or are considering an EV as your next car, the paultan.org Electric Vehicle Expo (EVx) 2022 is the place to be to learn everything you need to know about all aspects of buying, owning and living with an EV in Malaysia. The all-encompassing event will be happening soon on the weekend of July 23 and 24 in Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC).

At Malaysia’s first comprehensive EV showcase, you can get up close and personal with all-electric cars from various brands, test drive them to get a first-hand experience of the future of motoring, plus engage with relevant industry players and stakeholders to properly understand what it’s like to live with an EV in this country. It’s the next big thing in the fast-moving automotive world – you don’t want to miss out!

How do you finance an EV, and are the interest rates/tenure period different to ICE cars? To charge, should you be relying on public charging facilities of have a home charger? How much to install one at home? Single phase or three phase, 20 A or 32 A, 7 kW or 11/22 kW? AC or DC? How does fast charging work, and how much will it cost? How long will the battery last, or how much will it degrade over time?

All the questions above are pertinent concerns you may have regarding the toping of EV ownership. It’s a relatively new topic in Malaysia, and there are plenty of information being spread around, both accurate and not. At EVx, you can get detailed, clear-cut answers to all the above and more from firsthand owners, relevant stakeholders and industry experts. The good, the bad and the ugly truth, all in one place.

EVx will cover various aspects of interest including vehicle and product displays, test drives, talks by industry experts, ownership discussion forums and more. Participating brands include Petronas, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Tesla (via Vision Motor Sports), EV Connection, Exicom, RHB and others.

Those who would then wish to place a booking for an EV may do so at the event as well, with the first 70 customers receiving the exclusive EVx goodie bag, complete with RM1,000 worth of auto window film (V-Kool) and air purification solutions (Blueair) vouchers.

The event will be open to the public, and entry is free. paultan.org writers and hosts – one of which is now an EV user, with one more on the way and another a former EV owner – will be on site through the weekend to answer any questions you may have. See you there!

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