Ferrari Teases Purosangue Once Again With New Shots Of V12 Engine

The Ferrari Purosangue is set to debut tomorrow, and the automaker is trying to get us excited for the new model with new shots of its engine.

“Are you ready to meet our latest V12 Ferrari?” the company asked on Twitter today in the post accompanying the video. Although it doesn’t reveal much new, we do at least know that the engine will feature the automaker’s trademark red valve covers and that it will be a beauty to behold.

Throughout the video, the sound of the pumping V12 can also be heard. This time, seemingly recorded from outside the vehicle, the sound is a nice complement to sounds previously shown off by Ferrari last week.

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Ferrari has been rather secretive about its first crossover. The Purosangue, by its nature, is a somewhat controversial vehicle and the automaker seems to want to emphasize its V12 engine in order to associate it with the most lovingly remembered cars in its history.

As the automaker has said previously: “The V12 has always been an intrinsic part of Ferrari DNA. It is a celebration of our heritage, and a symbol of our relentless quest for new heights of performance and pure driving emotion.”

To ensure that the Purosangue doesn’t muddy the bloodline too much, though, Ferrari will reportedly seek to ensure that it doesn’t amount to more than 20 percent of its overall sales. That’s as opposed to crossovers like the Urus, which makes up around 50 percent of Lamborghini’s sales.

The Purosangue is expected to share its 6.5-liter engine with the 812 GTS, where it produces 789 hp (588 kW/800 PS) and 530 lb-ft (718 Nm) of torque. That allows the GT car, which is also front-engined, to hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than three seconds. We will likely find out whether the larger crossover will be able to keep up tomorrow, when it is fully unveiled.

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