Jeep’s New EVs, 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV, And 2023 Chrysler 300 Teaser: Your Morning Brief

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Japan Thinks New U.S Tax Credit Rules Might Break International Law

As predicted, foreign automakers and the countries that play host to them aren’t too pleased with the EV tax credit component of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act. The act, which stipulates that EVs must be built in North America to qualify for tax credits, has proven controversial, and now the Japanese government has suggested that it may even break international law.

2023 Jeep Avenger EV for Europe Kicks Off Electric Model Blitz, Rugged Recon And Wagoneer S Come Later

Lots of news from the Jeep camp as the brand unveiled its plans for an electric future. Four EVs were announced, starting with the Jeep Avenger, a baby SUV that will be offered in Europe next year but won’t make it to the US. What will be offered in North America, though, is the Jeep Recon, an all-electric cousin to the Wrangler, designed to be a genuine trail machine with removable doors and exposed hinges. Moving into the Range Rover territory will be the new Jeep Wagoneer S, a 600HP electric SUV coming in 2024. Finally, there will be one more battery-electric SUV that will make it to the U.S., with more details on that one to be revealed later.

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Is The Affordable, No Compromise Electric Crossover We’ve Been Waiting For

The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV somehow manages to walk the line of not only being an affordable EV but offering a decent range too. The crossover will start at a base price of $30,000 and will offer up to 300 miles (483 km) of range. The good looks and added tech found inside the cabin are all just added bonuses. Could it be GM’s EV game-changer as it tries to take electric vehicles mainstream?

2023 Chrysler 300 Getting “Ultimate Performance” Special Edition, Appears Set To Adopt The 300C Moniker

It would seem that the Chrysler 300 is finally preparing to meet its maker but will be going out in style with the “ultimate performance” variant set to be introduced on September 13. Little is known about the car other than a teaser image that shows the special edition will have two-tone wheels that are backed up by a high-performance braking system with red Brembo calipers. The image itself has been named “2023 Chrysler 300C,” perhaps indicating that the 300C moniker will make a return.

2024 Ford E-Transit Custom To Offer 236 Miles Of Range And A “Mobile Office” Option

Big news for van lovers in Europe: details of the 2024 Ford E-Transit Custom have been revealed. The electric version of Europe’s best-selling van will feature a range of 236 miles (380 km) on the WLTP cycle and up to 214 hp (217 PS / 160 kW) and 415 Nm (306 lb-ft) of torque. Inside, buyers can option the E-Transit with a tilting steering wheel that can be used to support a laptop or tablet, while the Delivery Assist feature will automate the hazard lights, close any windows and lock the door automatically for drivers making multiple stops on a delivery run.

Chevrolet Camaro Rapid Blue Edition Is Limited To 20 Units For Japan

Limited to Japan and based on the LT RS trim, Chevrolet is offering up a very limited run of just 20 Rapid Blue Edition Camaros. There’s not a lot to differentiate it from a standard Camaro LT RS, aside from the “Rapid Blue” exterior shade with black stripes and five-spoke alloy wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter (same as in the LT RS). The interior features black and white ceramic leather upholstery.

Lincoln Navigator One Is A Limited-Edition Luxury Flagship But Only For China

While the Lincoln Navigator is nothing short of luxury, customers in China can take this one step further with the “One” limited edition variant. Being a four-seater, the rear-most passengers get even more leg room, with a pair of captains chairs trimmed in two-tone quilted leather and featuring adjustable leg rests and a reclining function. There’s a large TV with a sound bar for rear-seat passengers to enjoy, and the headlining has been lined with a plethora of LEDs.

What Else Is Making The News

Queen Elizabeth II Dies Aged 96

The UK’s longest-serving monarch has passed away peacefully after 70 years of service. The Queen, who came to power in 1952, aged 27, witnessed significant societal changes through her rule. Her son, the former Prince of Wales, is now King Charles III and is expected to address the United Kingdom later today.

Vietnamese Noodle Seller Arrested For Salt Bae Parody 

Bui Tuan Lam, a noodle seller in Vietnam, has been arrested over a viral video in which he parodied the Turkish celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae. Many viewed the parody as mocking the visit of a senior government visitor to Salt Bae’s restaurant, who was filmed being handfed gold-encrusted steak.

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