MG Cyberster Teased Again As An Outlandish Electric Roadster

MG has released another video teasing the production version of the Cyberster concept that was initially shown at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. The teaser shows a design that has been toned down a bit from the concept but still manages to retain quite a few of its unique charms.

For starters, the car features directional arrow-shaped taillights that are supposed to represent half of the Union Jack flag. Mini also tried this idea on their cars, but what they got wrong compared to MG was not flipping the two halves of the flag, which made the left turn signal look like an arrow pointing to the right and the right turn signal look like an arrow pointing to the left.

MG, on the other hand, cut the Union Jack in half and reversed the two pieces, making for arrow-shaped lights that actually point in the direction they’re indicating.

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Another design feature carried over from the concept is the chiseled rectangular rear end that frames those arrows, which is trimmed with an LED light strip running all the way across the top edge and part way down the sides. The car also retains its gaping front grille, sizeable rear diffuser, directional wheels, and elongated oval headlights. And given the second half of the vehicle’s name, it obviously has a retractable roof, more specifically a power-folding soft top, but to help it stand out from other roadsters in the segment, it gets Lamborghini-style scissor doors

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Production MG Cyberster revealed in patent images

The concept version of the Cyberster came with a four-motor electric drivetrain, allowing a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 3 seconds. While there’s been no word on the production model’s specs, we’re almost certain it won’t match those of the concept. Another detail we suspect won’t carry over to production is the concept’s claimed 800 km (497 mi) range, though that seems slightly more feasible than the prospect of fitting four motors into a compact roadster and still carrying a reasonable price tag.

No reveal date has been announced for the car yet, but it will supposedly be launched in 2024 for MG’s 100th year as a company. However, and given how finished the electric MX-5 rival looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if it debuted in the next few months.

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