One 2022 BMW 745e Has An Improperly Sized Battery Cell Electrode

A single 2022 BMW 745e xDrive has been recalled in the United States for a small issue that could have big consequences.

It has been revealed that a single 745e xDrive built on August 23, 2021 may not have had its high voltage battery produced according to specifications. A recall notice reveals that during the production and assembly process of the battery cell, an electrode may not have been properly sized during the laser cutting process. If the battery cell was indeed assembled with a miscut electrode, it could trigger a short circuit.

It is possible that a short circuit could lead to a thermal event that may increase the risk of a fire and injury.

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BMW began investigating a potential issue after a 2021 320 xDrive Touring experienced a thermal event on May 25, 2022. The automaker conducted an analysis of the car’s battery pack in mid-August, putting it through CT scans, and determined that the root cause was a damaged electrode within a cell.

The owner of the lone 745e xDrive involved in the recall will be notified of the recall on November 7 by phone and if necessary, also by first class mail. They will be instructed to schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW dealer to have the affected battery cell module replaced.

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