Petronas Gentari Pedas Linggi DC charger pricing – RM3 per minute, 180 kW from one outlet at a time

Petronas has revealed pricing for its Gentari 180 kW DC fast charger located at the Pedas Linggi Northbound R&R highway stop, which is priced at RM3 per minute of use.

The 180 kW ABB DC fast charger at this station consists of two CCS2 charging guns, though it has now been configured to operate from one CCS2 gun at a time for the full 180 kW output when charging, vehicle permitting. This means that when one of the two CCS2 points is in use, the other will not be operational.

This configuration is being trialled as Petronas expects the charging facility to be not often congested and require the full complement of charging bays, instead opting to offer the full 180 kW rate through one charging point at a time, according to Syafiq Fauzan Bin Ariffin, manager for strategy, business development and commercial at Petronas.

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This facility at the Pedas Linggi Northbound R&R will be reconfigured to enable 90 kW + 90 kW charging at a later time, he added. This joins the Petronas/Gentari network of DC fast chargers that currently also includes the Petronas Gambang Eastbound R&R where the 180 kW DC fast charger is configured to enable an output 90 kW to each charging point at the same time.

The Petronas Gentari DC network of charging facilities at Pedas Linggi along with the Gambang Eastbound location will be joined by the Petronas station at Gambang Westbound, while further north it will add Ipoh (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) and the southern region will add Bandar Baru Ayer Hitam to complete its first-phase rollout of DC chargers, which is targeted for the end of the year.

Gentari is a clean energy solutions provider that is fully owned by Petronas, launched earlier this month. Gentari aims to be a one-stop provider of clean energy solutions including renewable energy, hydrogen and clean mobility solutions, for commercial, industrial and retail customers.

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