Watch As This Tired But Low-Mileage Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Is Made To Look 20 Years Younger

If someone told you about a 20-year old car with an incredibly low 18,600 miles (~30k km) on the clock, you’d probably assume it looked almost as good as the day it left the factory. But that’s not always the case, as this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI proves.

Although it has covered a relatively tiny mileage compared with most cars built at dawn of the new millennium, and is free from modifications, it has lived its life outside, and that has taken its toll on the Reims Blue paint look, making the car look like it has covered far more miles than it really has.

But the car’s originality makes it a perfect base for one of Hong Kong-based Contempo Concept’s restorations and blissfully relaxing videos documenting the process. As with the films covering their other projects, this one combines high quality camera work, mellow background tunes and a soothing narration explaining what’s happening when necessary, but mostly leaving us to enjoy the visuals.

Unfortunately, this Evolution’s paint was too far gone to be brought back to life with some careful cutting and polishing, so it gets a new coat, as do the brake calipers and the wheels, which are painted with their new tires loosely fitted to make sure the finish isn’t ruined by a tire fitting machine.

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Once the top side is covered off the car is hoisted in the air so the underneath can be blasted with dry ice, returning the aluminum suspension arms and transmission casings to as-new condition. The grubby wheelarch liners are pulled out and washed, and when the team turns its attention to the engine bay, the VI is treated to a new cam cover, exhaust manifold and hood heat shields leaving it looking showroom-fresh.

Finally, it’s the turn of the Evo’s interior to get some love. The seats and carpet are removed and thoroughly cleaned, and Contmepo even goes so far as to detail the floorpan, even though it’ll never be seen when the carpet is back in place. The original steering wheel stays, but the car receives a new gear shifter, plus door panels, footwell kick plates and sill plates, all of which often show cuff marks, even on incredibly low mileage cars like this. As you’d expect, the result is stunning.

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