What Gives? A 183-Mile 2023 Corvette Stingray Is Being Sold As Used

If you want to pick up the keys to a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Stingray, you’ll need to place an order and wait months for delivery. Alternatively, you could jump the line and buy this 2023 ‘Vette, although it does come at quite a hefty premium.

This particular Corvette Stingray has been listed up for sale through Gordon Motor Cars in Frazer, Pennsylvania. Production of the 2023 model year Corvette only started on May 23 so it is quite a surprise to see one listed up for sale so soon after its first owner would have taken delivery.

The dealership website has listed the car for sale with a $118,900 asking price and claims that it has 300 miles (482 km) on the clock. Interestingly, the same car is available through an online auction at IAAI where it is listed as having 183 miles (294 km) under its belt.

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It is unclear just why the car is looking for a new home but we suspect the original owner is either looking to flip it for a profit or, perhaps, the car was seized from them after they failed to make financing repayments. Either way, the IAAI listing notes that the Corvette Convertible has no damage.

As far as C8-generation Corvette models go, this one isn’t particularly striking. It is painted in a simple shade of Arctic White and sits on the standard silver wheels. It is also rocking the optional Z51 Performance Package.

A handful of images released of the car’s interior reveal that large areas are clad in white leather, including the seats, transmission tunnel, and parts of the door panels. The rest of the surfaces are upholstered in black leather.

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